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BMaP2MP - Raster to Vector GPS Map Converter Program


BMaP2MP program was designed to be a simplest and fastest way to convert raster maps into a format which could be displayed by GPS receivers, at first by Garmin GPS receivers.

BMaP2MP program converts raster map image from BMP file calibrated in OziExplorer MAP file into a vector image in MP file.

The vector image does not contain any additional semantics for objects from the map. It just contains vector outlines (polygons) of every color found in the map by program.

Further MP file can be converted into IMG file (Garmin vector map) by cGPSmapper program. Also MP file can be edited by GPSMapEdit program.

Program is guided by configuration file BMaP2MP.cfg, which should be located in the same folder as program. Also this folder should contain source BMP file of map image and MAP file with link and calibration data for source BMP file. Program supports only BMP files with 24 bit colors. All other formats (non BMP or BMP with other colors settings) must be converted into 24 bit BMP and appropriate BMP filename should be used in MAP file. The format conversion can be done in raster image editors or in OziExplorer program via File->Save Map to Image File menu.

Program creates the following files:

- out.bmp - raster image file which is a primary source for color polygons generation. This image is derived from source BMP file by applying filtering, indexing and simplifying colors settings.

- - vector image file generated by program directly from out.bmp file if polygons finding mode is on (FindPolys=1).

- out.txt - colors description file for all colors found by program and used for file generation. out.txt file is generated if TYP file generation mode is on (MakeTyp=1). Further this file can be converted into TYP file by cGPSmapper program. TYP file allows to define user colors for polygons instead of limited set of default colors.

Program itself can use source maps calibrated in WGS 84 or Pulkovo 1942 datums in Latitude/Longitude, Transverse Mercator, UTM (zones 31V-32V, 31X-37X can be processed incorrectly), Mercator projections. Also you can define datum conversion parameters manually for any user datum. Also program can use OziAPI.dll in order to work with all other datums known by OziExplorer program. It is necessary to run OziExplorer program before using OziAPI.dll. OzipAPI.dll can be found here:

At the moment of this text creation all these programs can be found here:
BMaP2MP - (
cGPSmapper -
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